Types of marketing work provided by affilite sites

For affilire marketing you should have marketing source.we discuss about it in priviouse post.After making your strong marketing source,you need to work on afilite marketing site.

    For that you should register your marketing source on their site(affilite site).How to do Registrations and how to take work from affilite site,step by step guidance click here.

    After being official affilite of any site,you get work from them. 

    Which type of work they given?

    In affilite marketing,this marketing word you should aware of are :

    1. CPA
    2. CPS
    3. CPC
    4. CPR
    5. CPL

    This are some basic key words i try to explain you here.

    • CPA : Commission per Action. Here action word includes making trafic rush on particular site,people do comments,people like any product,people share their content on any social site,people buy any product,people fill registrations form on their site etc.

             When anyone done any above action on their site (the site which you advertice on your marketing source) , you get your Commission from affilite site which you join as a affilite.

    • CPS : Commission per Sale. This is most popular work provided by affilite sites specially when you are new as a affilite.

              When customer who going through your link to particular site,order for any product and complete his/her pement process,you get your commision.

    • CPC : Commission per Comment. when anyone landing on particular site through your link and comment on that particular site,you have done your work! You can get your Commission.
    • CPR :Commission per Registrations. when people complete registrations on particular site,you get your Commission.

             Specially matrimonial sites,social sites,communication sites give this type of work.

    • CPL : Commission per Like. Some sites or some apps or pages of brands want people do likes on their sites,page etc.For that they give this type if work to affilite. Simply make people to do likes where they want and you get your commision!

    All this work only done when someone go through your Hot link to any site or particular place. How to make hot link and how its work? Click here.

    Do share this useful post with your friends on any social network.Feel free to share your idea or questions with us. 🙂


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