Tips for making own website/blog

Hello people,i found that so many people searching on internet about the topic of websites and blogs.They have so many questions like how to make own website/blog? How I earn money from my own website/blog? How and where I start to make own website/blog? So here I write some tips for making your own website/blog.Read below.

First of all I tell you whenever you think about any website,what’s the first thing comes in your mind? And answer is that “website name”. Yeah the website name is its own big identity proof and people remember it now we named that “website name” is “Domain” or “Domain name”.Here I give you example:  This is a identity of official Facebook’s website and this is called domain name too. 

Making a website like making a new human being! If you actually decided to make a website so the necessary thing is you have to give it name like we give name to new born baby! But giving it name is not easy.I mean when you decide something name for your website like,you have to register that domain name for you by buying it.Now question is where I register domain name for my website? Where I buy domain name for website?

Don’t worry I will suggest you some name where you can buy domain name:

  1. GoDaddy

When you find your suitable domain name and bought it,go ahead for your next step.If you know HTML coding and internet techniques,you can easily make your website But if you don’t know anything about HTML code and all,dont worry there are so many website,with their help you can build your website/blog without any coding knowledge! They give you best website template verity for making your website attractive.They give you all website building tools and customer care if you find any problem related building website,they guidance you.I personally tried some website which I mention below.Usally,they give you three type of service.For example: free plan,upgraded plane,next upgraded plan.

In free plan they give you limited website building tools and services.For that they take no fees If you want more tools and support service,you have to upgrade your plan.They take money for upgraded plane.I want to give you tip here if you are beginner or first time building a website,go for free plan.when you make your website big with more content and need more tools,go for upgrades plans.Upgraded plan gives you best results.

Here is the list for building website/blog:(Hosting sites name list)

  1. Weebly
  2. WordPress
  3. Simple site
  5. Zoho sites

One more necessary thing is website rank. you maked a good website but what if that website not get people attention? Not more people can see it? For more people viewing,your website need to shown in top of Google search.But so many websites already there and you want your website seen before them! So now you need to know about SEO. SEO is basically trick for making your website on top search.In that SEO technique,keyword is main object.when people want to know something and type it on google search bar,we called it keywords.They type some words (keywords)which lead them on specific content, they want.You need to now about that top searchable keywords which people type more.You can find that top searchable keywords by simply typing “top keywords” on google.Search keywords according to your subject or which topic of your website page.

After all this, your site also need a Host. Who give you bandwidth(webpage) so your website easily can open.Without hosting your website is nothing.With host,you can publish your website on internet.where you find this host? So see once again the list I write for you.(hosting website list)That website’s give you building tools and hosting too.AS I asked you their are hosting included three plans they provide.Some site offers you free domain with their plans.But they don’t give you free domain name in free plane.For domain you need to choose upgraded plan.And if you already buy and registered your domain name then you can use it by transferring it to the hosting website where you build your website.

Note : Building website and blog process is same.For both you need one domain name and hosting too.Without hosting and domain your website/blog can’t publi.

After making your website/blog,people thinks about how I earn money from own website/blog? You can earn good money by affiliate marketing.If you don’t know about it ,click here. 

There are so many type of affiliate marketing work.For more know about it,click here.

Want to know about best affiliate marketing site list, click here.

If you want any help or guide about website building,email us.we will solve your doubts.Share this article on social media with your friends.:)

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