Weightloss natural homemade remedies: reduce belly fat

Nowadays so many woman’s facings over weight problems, belly fat problems.In market we find so many products releted to reduce unwanted fat.so many people spend money for that.some gets result some gets not.

How’s it if we can reduce weight without loosing money! Yep,exactly we talking about Natural Homemade Remedies.

No more exercise no more stress for workout.simply use nature homemade remidie wich also have beneficial things and not doing harm at all.

Here is all that remedies you easily find at home:

  • Green tea : green tea used in so many medicide wich reduce weight. You have not need to buy that becouse you can directly use it.green tea not only reduce fat,it has so many more benifits.

Every morning without taking a breakfast take this green tea.you can add little Lemone juice in it for taste.

  • Lemone juice:Lemone is natural thing in it that can reduce your fat faster.it has Vutamin C. And we all know benifite about Vitamin C.

So simply take one Lemone and 1 glass lokwarm water. Mix Lemone juice in hot lokwarm water. And take this drink without doing breakfast at every morning. You can definately find result in one month if you doing this properly and not missing a single day.

  • Honey: you can use honey with Lemone juice in lokwarm water.

Coriander(dhaniya): Take fresh Coriander leaves,crush it or make paste in mixer machin. Then mix coriander past with Lemone juice and honey.you can add lokwarm water in it.and take this drink every morning without taking breakfast.after half or one hour,you can take breakfast.

  • Cumin seeds(jeera):cumin seeds also can reduce belly fat.take 1 spoon cumin seeds (jeera) in 1 glass water in night.whole night keep it as it is.Then in morning take this without doing breakfast.dring that and you can eat that cumin seeds rest in a glass.

You can make this drink in morning and keep it all the day.Then drink it in night before sleep.

Note:taking any of this remedie in morning empty stomach,take food or breakfast after half or one hour.