Monsoon style clothes for girls

​Here i wanna share girls fashion clothing in monsoon.monsoon is one of favorite season for most of people.we enjoyed so many thing in rain like chai-pakoda,that megical witty smell and also that coming back at home with witty clothes!!!:)

We all have questions in mind that today i wear which one clothes? And if you style freak (ofcourse you) ,then question more complicated! In Which Clothe I looke more stylish n cool n also feeling comfort. 

Then here the best solution is wearing Shorts.Its look retro stylish and cool fashion outfit.and also comfortable specially in colleges and on weekend you freely enjoy your weekend.its also look high n cool.😎

Its look classy na!

Now seacond thing is you can wear monsoon coat.its look classy n high.specially who going on job n MNC.its create professional look.and also look dashing.😻

If you are office going girl,you can take black,grey,dark blue colour coat.and want little different look in all then you can go for dark green coloure.

If you wanna wear it in any party then red is coolest coloure for is also most wanted coloure in every thing for should try that.

In monsoon some coloures look awesome on every girl.pitch coloure is all time favourite.its look dashing in girls top,girls shirst and t-shirt.Light colour make you look beautifull,eye catching n attractive.

With Light cloure clothes you can combine dark coloure shoes or sandels.on my next post i will post on monsoon makeup.keep tuned with my blog.and thanks for visiting.☺